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á La Carte

à la carte ˌä lä ˈkärt,ˌä lə ˈkärt/ adjective adjective: à la carte 1. (of a menu or restaurant) listing or serving food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal. Join Parlor for our first group show featuring food related art. Featuring work from: Andrew Munoz Ashley Adiano Gattis Ashley Anderson Bree Stallworth Christina Collandra Cornelia Hemingway Cosmic Stew Comics Donna Howells Edgar Lituma Soto Felipe Cavalcanti Hannah Helton Jack Deese Jess Pouncey Kacee Friedman Katie Troisi Laura Katherine Laurence Laufer Lydia Day Meredith White Miranda Cook Mom Boobs Crafts Nadia Marie Belvanson Nona Thornton Olivia Rado Patrick Di Rito Robert Chamberlin Shaleen Tibbs S. Shayne Hargis Tessa Bleak Thomas Schaefer Yoon Nam

"Chicago Dog"

12" x 12"

ink, colored pencil, and marker on wood panel

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